SLO Seed Ventures is a membership group of accredited investors comprised of successful entrepreneurs, experienced executives, and veteran angel investors. The group generally invests in Seed or Series A investment rounds of early-stage startups and provides support for entrepreneurs through mentorship and access to SLO Seed Ventures’ vast network. The group does not focus on specific industries but rather seeks deals with companies which possess a strong team, a significant market opportunity, and a sustainable competitive advantage. As local residents and business people in San Luis Obispo county, SLO Seed Ventures’ members have a passion for the innovative and entrepreneurial ideas fomented here on the Central Coast. SLO Seed Ventures is a member of the Angel Capital Association and syndicates deals with other angel groups.

An investment from SLO Seed Ventures can come in two forms. If there is significant group interest then a group investment would be made through a SLO Seed Ventures LLC.  Alternatively, individual members of the group frequently make independent investments.  Investments from SLO Seed Ventures tend to range from $50,000 to $150,000 depending on the level of interest.

In order to be considered for an investment by SLO Seed Ventures, applicants must first fill out an online application in order to be considered. Selected companies are then invited to pitch to the group during a SLO Seed Ventures monthly meeting. If there is sufficient group interest, the SLO Seeds team will work with the company to conduct a thorough due diligence process. Applicants which do not receive funding will receive feedback from the group if desired.